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What is proper service?

12 O.S. § 2004 dictates what is proper or improper service in the state of Oklahoma. There are numerous different parts to the statute that are for various entities in the state. For this matter we will focus on a person being personally served. If you are handed papers directly from the plaintiff then the service is unlikely to be good. If you refuse papers though from a process server or sheriff there is likely still good service. The statute also states that the papers can be left with someone over the age of 15 at the known good address of the person being served. A person can also be served by certified mail, but it must be restricted to the person being served. Furthermore, the plaintiff may receive permission from the court to have proper service through publication (e.g. newspaper). This will not serve as all the different kinds of proper service just as the most common. You should always consult a lawyer as statutes may change and every situation is different. If you have any questions regarding service you should contact Perkins Law Firm at 405 – 593- 2662.

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