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Treats our clients as we would expect to be treated.

The realm of family law is often confusing, frustrating, overwhelming, and includes multiple issues that we are here to assist you with. We handle divorce for traditional or common law marriage and custody disputes of children or sometimes even the family dog. We can help establish paternity or dispute a paternity action against you. We are here to guide you through any family law issues that may arise from adoptions to estate planning.

When you are faced with criminal charges, you need a firm that is going to fight for you and defend your freedom. Whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, the state can take this freedom from you. Perkins Law Firm is here to keep the state from violating your rights.  We are here to help you navigate the confusing and treacherous criminal justice system. You would rather have an experienced firm help guide you than the state.

Why have a misdemeanor or felony affect your job or your future? We will get you the best deal the state is willing to offer or we will go to jury trial. Perhaps you had a slip up in the past and you wish to stop it from hindering your future? We are more than able to assist with expungements or registries.


Jason Perkins​​ - Founding Attorney

I started my legal career in a very unorthodox way. I began as a troubled youth, high school drop out, and joined the Navy. Upon leaving the Navy I started a career as an industrial mechanic working on robotics/automated machinery. I never thought I would ever be a lawyer, but now I wish to be the best lawyer I can be for my clients.

I understand the situation you are in both as a lawyer and as a client. I have probably been there and understand the feelings and problems you are facing. That is why I started this firm to fight for my clients as I would have fought for myself. I have walked many miles in different shoes now let me put that experience to work for you.

J.M.​​-Affiliated Attorney-OKC Office 

Coming soon

​-Attorney-Head of Civil Litigation

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